September 20, 2019
Whereas Baryn Futa views his art collection as a phenomenal investment opportunity, he also understands that his art collection is also useful for society, as art preservation is extremely important in keeping the arts alive for future generations. Art is how generations speak to each other, and it’s extremely important, in Baryn Futa’s mind, that he keep the conversation going for the benefit of our descendants. There is nothing like the arts for keeping us in touch with those who came before us, which is why Baryn believes that we owe it to future generations to preserve as much art as possible.

Of course, Baryn Futa’s deep love for the arts was rather late in coming, given that his art love didn’t bud until he retired and began working with the Denver Art Museum. That was when he began to fully appreciate the beauty and significance of the arts. He attended numerous arts classes and started his own art collection, which has become very extensive over the years. Baryn Futa proudly holds memberships in many prominent art museums with impressive collections, such as The Guggenheim, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and The Jewish Museum, among others. He loans pieces from his collection to museums when he can, to promote increased art appreciation.